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Elder Law
Corbin K. King specializes in the laws and regulations affecting senior citizens primarily focusing on providing practical counsel concerning estate planning, wills, trusts, planning for long term care costs and arrangements, protecting assets, and making sure Medicaid and veteran's benefits are available.
Wills, Trusts + Estate Planning
Corbin King takes a personalized approach to estate planning, elder law and probate cases. Estate planning involves more than simply describing what beneficiaries will receive under the terms of your last will and testament. Most families use the following instruments as a basic foundation:

  • A last will and testament to distribute property among beneficiaries you designate, rather than allowing property to pass to statutory heirs or even the State under the laws of intestate succession;

  • A durable power of attorney to appoint people you know and trust to manage your financial and/or health care matters if you become incapacitated, as opposed to having someone else establish a guardianship for you after you have already become incapacitated; A living will to express your clear intentions about what health care you wish to receive, and what health care you do not wish to receive, at the end of your life.

  • Trust instruments are also sometimes used to achieve more focused goals or to protect particular family members under certain conditions. For example, establishing a trust to provide for the succession of a family farm or business can be addressed through trusts, family limited partnerships, buy-sell agreements or other instruments that can balance different interests while providing for the smooth transition of property from one generation to the next.

  • Depending on your specific objectives, a sound estate plan can also allow for the future care of a relative, provide for the continued operation of a family farm or business, or provide for the allocation of assets in a manner designed to minimize tax consequences.

Corbin works with personal trustees who need guidance about a wide range of trust-related issues including the creation of special needs trusts, family business trusts, or revocable or irrevocable living trusts. Taking a highly personalized approach to estate planning, Corbin King works closely with each client to develop a personalized estate plan that expresses intentions in transparent terms.
Medicaid Planning
With a growing population over the age of sixty-five, legal issues concerning the elderly are ever-increasing. Long-term care planning is a major consideration for many people, whether for themselves and/or for their aging parents. If you or a loved one have questions about in-home assistance or alternatives to a nursing home in the event of a debilitating accident or illness, don't wait to get legal advice about your options. The sooner you plan for the long-term care of yourself or a loved one, the more alternatives you'll have and the more affordable they'll be. Thoughtful estate planning and sound Medicaid planning can protect your ability to live at home even after you are no longer able to provide for your daily personal needs. Corbin King is knowledgeable about how to plan for and finance a wide variety of services to assist the elderly, such as public or community-based resources that can protect an elderly person's independence, and helping you plan for affordable access to assisted living services. The reality is that most middle-income families will depend on Medicaid to help meet the expenses of in-home or residential assistance, but this means-tested federal program requires careful planning in order to ensure a person will qualify when the need arises. Many people mistakenly believe they can still qualify for Medicaid assistance if they give away or transfer their assets shortly before that assistance is needed. However, gifts or transfers made less than five years prior to the time Medicaid assistance is required will typically result in ineligibility, so it is critical to begin the Medicaid planning process long before the assistance will be needed. Every family's financial situation is different, and each family has unique concerns about independent living and long-term care. Corbin K. King can help you find practical solutions that fit your individual circumstances. The sooner you choose to work with experienced legal counsel on long-term care issues, the more options you'll have. Contact Corbin today to benefit from the advice of an experienced Kokomo elder law attorney.
Making sure that everything is taken care of before passing on is crucial. One minor mistake may set back the executor of your will by months. Corbin King is highly experienced in the probate process and routinely counsels clients on everything that needs to be done in order to probate an estate in a timely manner. Corbin stresses practical approaches to Indiana probate that take full advantage of his experience, understanding of court procedures, and his ability to anticipate and avoid the confusion and disagreements that can sometimes complicate the probate of an Indiana will, trust or the administration of an intestate estate. His primary goal is to always make the probate process as easy and streamlined as possible for both personal representatives and beneficiaries.
Kokomo guardianship attorney Corbin King has served as a court-appointed guardian, advised people who need to decide whether a guardianship is the right solution for their needs, and worked with families to establish guardianships for loved ones in accordance with their specific needs and circumstances. Corbin routinely assists clients in establishing guardianships under circumstances where people are unable to manage their own affairs. A court can appoint a guardian to manage the financial affairs or personal living needs of a person who is determined to be incapable of performing these functions without assistance or oversight. Guardians are routinely appointed for minors if their parents are deceased or incapable of caring for them, or if they acquire assets or property that they cannot manage and preserve due to their minority. Guardians are also appointed for adults who cannot responsibly manage their own affairs as a consequence of disability, incapacity or dementia. Under any of these situations, Corbin works diligently in the best interest of the people for which the guardianship is in place to protect.
Trust and Estate Adminstration
If you have been appointed as the personal representative of a decedent's estate in north central Indiana, contact Corbin King in Kokomo to learn about the range of services provided to assist you in the administration of the estate. Here are some of the services we provide in the course of estate administration:

  • Opening the estate for administration of the will
  • Notifying statutory heirs, named beneficiaries and creditors of the estate
  • Resolving problems related to assets that will pass outside of the estate
  • Identifying estate assets and liabilities
  • Qualifying the estate for the quicker process of unsupervised probate (when possible)
  • Preparing estate and fiduciary tax returns
  • Distributing assets and filing the final report

Corbin works with personal representatives who are responsible for the administration of an Indiana estate, with or without a last will and testament. He also handles the ancillary probate of Indiana assets when an estate or intestacy case is proceeding in another state. Corbin advises trustees about the best ways to interpret and carry out the terms of a trust and counsels trustees about their various fiduciary duties, providing guidance and direction if disputes arise between beneficiaries.
Health Care Appointments + Powers of Attorney
Corbin King assists people in planning for a time when they will be unable to manage their own affairs by putting powers of attorney into place, enabling a person to appoint a trusted family member or friend to manage that person's health care and financial affairs in accordance with specific terms set forth in a written instrument.